Teotihuacán Pyramids Sunrise Tour

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Let’s go to Teotihuacán!

In this sunrise tour, you’ll get up close with the most visited archaeological site in Mexico, immersing yourself in the Teotihuacan civilization and admiring the mythical pyramids.

You’ll walk through an ancient marketplace as well as experience a demonstration of how archaeologists work. You’ll also learn about Aztec culture, have time to explore on your own, and enjoy some delicious Mexican cuisine at lunchtime!

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World Free Tours wants to help travelers like you get the most out of Mexico City. We believe that the Free Walking Tour of Mexico City is a great option to experience the city not only because it is informative but also entertaining, and budget-friendly.

No need to pay any fees upfront. Instead, you can join the tour simply by making an online reservation, and if you enjoy the tour, you may tip the guide at the end.

You set the price!

Ready to get the most out of Teotihuacan?

Book the Teotihuacán Pyramids Sunrise Tour and discover one of the main ancient cities on the American continent.

Get up close with the most visited archaeological site in Mexico. The Teotihuacán pyramids are an impressive sight, and on this tour, we’ll take our time to explore them from all angles!

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