Popular Activities in Zaragoza


Private Tour of Zaragoza

After meeting in the Plaza de España in the heart of the city, you’ll begin your Private Walking Tour of Zaragoza.

And you will find that the Aragonese capital is filled with reminders of its incredible past. As you appreciate its Roman heritage by visiting the ruins of the ancient walled city of Caesaraugusta, as the Romans named it, you will learn how this place thrived thanks to trade via the Ebra River, and also about the legacy of its historic affluence and why it can still be seen today in the archaeological remains!

Free Tour Model

World Free Tours wants to help travelers like you get the most out of Zaragoza. We believe that private tours are great options to experience the city because they are not only informative but also entertaining.

Ready to Discover Zaragoza?

Your Private Tour of Zaragoza’s historic center will reveal the legacy of its Roman heritage. Visit Caesaraugusta, as the Romans named it, and see what made this wealthy city so successful.

You’ll explore parts of the ancient walled city and visit some of Zaragoza’s most significant archaeological remains – such as a beautiful example of a Roman Theatre.

Popular Activities in Zaragoza