Health & Social Distancing

In 2021 we are likely to witness the rising popularity of local tourism and activities within the cities or countries.

Girl wearing a face mask

Therefore, if you are traveling it is important that you know in advance what you should expect. Here are tips to help you reach your destination as safely as possible:

  • Keep your distance from others
  • Don’t remove your face-mask to talk
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Wash and sanitize your hands as often as possible
  • Avoid touching any surface: if you have to push a door, consider using your foot, shoulder, or elbow if it’s possible.
  • Don’t touch any surface unless absolutely necessary

Necessary Garments

  • Face-mask: bring more than 1!
  • Hand-sanitizer: use it after touching any surface or object

Free Tours Safety Guidelines

Free Tours around the world are following their respective local government guidelines, which may include running with limited capacity and maintaining social distancing. Participants are also encouraged and sometimes required to bring their own face masks and hand sanitizer.